homeless count increase in Morgan Hills since 2015 with approximately 1/3 living out of vehicles.

"New census shows Mountain View homeless population growing" (the Mountain View Voice 2017)

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Residents forced from their homes by high rent refuse to leave their hometown. They believe living out of their vehicles is a stand against big tech companies.

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Tech Workers

Migrant tech workers aren't interested in making $90k (average) only to "throw away" half on rent.


Day Laborers

Day laborers migrate here for steady jobs but often underestimate the cost of living and compensate by living out of vehicles

Project: Incogneato [in-kog-NEAT-oh!]

DISCRETE replacement sedan interior system designed to support those living out of vehicles. This system transforms the traditional sedan into a modern day nomad's motorhome.

What it does:

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A peaceful night's sleep without harassment is difficult in an SUV or motor-home. A sedan is a much more discrete option.

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Silicon Valley's 'Code Rush' attracts entrepreneurs who are always on the go and need an office they can bring with them.

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Hanging Out

To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together. Incogneato creates an inviting space encouraging collaboration, creativity and relaxation.

How it does it:

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What it looks like:

How much it saves:

Yearly Take Home

w/o Incogneato

$27,432 (taxes)
$34,680 (avg. rent)

$27,888 year 1

$27,888 year 2

$55,776 2 year



$27,432 (taxes)

$7,193 (Incogneato*)

$55,375 year 1

$59,568 year 2


$114,158 2 year

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Incogneato supports nomads chasing their dreams, those making a stand and those down on their luck. This is not a "solves all solution" to homelessness but it is a step towards understanding an issue affecting so many.